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This game aims to educate you about the dangerousness of products contained in drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meths etc ... In this game you will be led to handle the same products as the manufacturers and in the same condition Only the doses and some parts of the recipes have been changed, so as not to divulge the original recipes.It is forbidden to reproduce the recipes of the game because it will take you to certain death.The totality of the products contained in these drugs are all mortal and a lot of people are not fully aware of it, I hope that some people will think better before snorting or injecting these poisons. Some of the proceeds from this game will be donated to the anti-drug association.

Chapter 1: 

Humanity manufactures herbal medicines since long time and in our time some secret Labs develop new drugs to save life.
You work in a hospital in this secret laboratory in order to create medicines.
Develop your laboratory as you wish and grow your first plants.
Watering them,watch them grow and cut them to make your first crops.
Once the bottom gathers, buy and use various instrument in order to extract the active ingredients and create new drugs.

Chapter2 : 

After obtaining great rewards through these discoveries, the Doctor's life changes when two men appear in his laboratory and kidnap him.
In this episode, you will have to put your knowledge in the service of a cartel to make cocaine.
To make you aware, you would handle the actual products but the recipe process and some products were removed. It is forbidden to reproduce the recipes of this game.

This game is in early access, every month an update will come to make the game bigger.It will include new plants,new recipes,new chapters and even more game mechanics.

Controls: Press "F2"

With your purchase ,you will have acces in all futur update and Chapter.You will have also access to steam version when it release there.

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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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J'ai acheté le jeux mais je n'arrive pas a le télécharger, avez-vous une solution ?

Salut et merci pour ton achat,j'ai vérifié et tout a étais validé, tu devrais pouvoir le télécharger sans problème normalement.Si tu as toujours le soucis essai de passer par l'appli PC itch.io ou viens en MP sur discord.

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ah quand la mise a jour pour le chapitre 2? ;-)

Salut ! Apres chaque MAJ ,j attend les retours des joueurs et fait generalement une MAJ dans les jours qui suivent pour corriger des bugs par exemple.Pour les différents chapitres faut compter environ un ptit mois entre chaque. ;)

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Je n' arrive à installer aucunes des majs. Je n' ai accès qu' au jeux en version 1.1 .

Pourriez vous m' aidez.


Faut payer cris de con...

Hello, When can I try the game? The link is locked!

Hello ! If you looking for the demo.it doesn't exist anymore.Dr greenstuff is only available in Early Access for now.

will it be on steam one day?

Yeah for sure.But only in full version when it finish.

Nice bro 



Realy good game i'm waiting the next update !!

Hello, have you planned to create a linux version ?

The early access alpha version will be on linux and windows.It come in few days ;)

I don't have much experience with growing herbal medicines, but I had fun trying to figure it out.

not available on windows???


Of course is available on windows.